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McCoy Solutions, LLC:

"Your source for operational expertise"

McCoy Solutions is comprised of former special operations professionals from the military and law enforcement communities of the United States and the European Union. Our mission is to provide a tailored security consulting continuum to your training and operational requirements. Led by our seasoned TIER 1 Associates, McCoy Solutions' goal is to bring this revolutionary process to you, our clients, assisting you in the streamlining of your infrastructure.

Our professionals have provided various government and commercial clients with custom tailored integrated corporate risk security solutions. We are particularly proud of our abilities to assess existing security practices and protocols, identify deficiencies, design a system to fit our clients' specific needs, and then integrate the required technical systems with a tailored training program into a cohesive, synergistic security program.

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McCoy Solutions has the expertise, vested from three decades of operations all over the world, to facilitate our continuum; whether after a crisis has emerged or during the planning of business ventures.


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